Producer: Leo Pearlman


For Whom the Bell Tolls, a feature film telling the incredible story of Britain’s greatest and most controversial fighters. Loved and loathed by the public in equal measures, the film charts Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn’s individual journeys and the hatred of each other that culminated in two bouts that defined not only their respective careers but British boxing, for a decade.


From the late-80s until the mid-90s Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn bestrode Britain, thrilling and enthralling fight fans and the wider public in equal measure. No one was ambivalent about either of them, everyone was captivated by both of them, and their bloody battles remain among the greatest of all-time, legendary fights that live long in the memory, the kind of rare events that everyone remembers where they were when they took place. When they got into the ring, the world stopped. Benn-Eubank, though, is not just about rivalry but also identity, two mavericks, as similar as they were different, fighting and finding out through their mutual hatred for one another to discover who they really were.


Fulwell 73’s phenomenal track record in bringing the most incredible sports stories to the big screen is unrivaled and makes ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ a truly mouthwatering proposition. Having made their name with debut feature ‘In The Hands of The Gods’ (Lionsgate), and ‘The Class of 92’ and ‘I Am Bolt’ (both released globally through Universal) , Fulwell 73’s deep-seated passion and understanding of their subjects and ability to tell the most enthralling sporting stories stands them head and shoulders above the competition.


‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ will be produced by Fulwell 73’s Leo Pearlman and written by Daniel Harris. A renowned sportswriter, Harris was shortlisted for best new writer at the 2011 British Sports Book Awards and best columnist at the 2015 SJA Awards. He also ghosted ‘Kevin Pietersen on Cricket’ for Kevin Pietersen, co-directed ‘House Of Flying Arrows’ for Universal Pictures, and has just finished his first novel.


Leo Pearlman, partner at Fulwell 73 says: “We all remember exactly where we were and how we felt when Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank fought their two epic battles, our aim is to bring back those memories and feelings, to remind people just why they remain two of the most compelling characters in British sports history. In Daniel Harris, we have one of the most original and exciting sports writers in the UK, someone with a visceral and highly visual style. "


Daniel Harris, the writer says: “I grew up in the era of the middleweights, so getting to tell this story is a ridiculous privilege. It’s just the most amazingly rich, cinematic tale, full of compelling, unique characters and driven by eternal themes like rivalry, tragedy, humanity, and identity – pretty much all you could need to make something really special.”

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