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Creativity Media 

In March 2019 Fulwell73 completed the acquisition of  Creativity Media.


About Creativity Media 

Since launching in 2010, Creativity Media has established a reputation for being one of the UK’s leading post-production houses known for its passion for storytelling, and being a champion of independent film. 


Creativity Media has post-produced 95 films and television shows, which have generated $127 million at the worldwide box office, won 86 awards and have played at all major film festivals around the world including Sundance, Cannes, Venice and Toronto. 


Creativity Media’s past projects include BAFTA nominated McQueen, BAFTA winners I am Not A Witch and Under The Shadow, as well as the US box office smash 47 Meters Down and Fulwell 73’s hit football documentary The Class of ‘92.


Creativity Media Website 

Creativity Media  IMBD Page





Meet The Team 

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