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What does our internship offer?


  • Our 3-month paid internship programme offers industry-related experience as well as opportunities to develop your soft skills further.

  • It is tailored to your interests, knowledge, skills and experience. 

  • Networking & shadowing opportunities with top industry experts. You will have access to a Mentor with relevant experience in the industry.


For further information on our internship & work experience programme please visit our FAQs page.

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"Fulwell 73 is an incredible place to work, with an amazing team full of vibrant, energetic, dedicated, creative people. Everybody is so welcoming and supportive – it’s a real joy to come into the office every day. During my 3-month placement in Scripted, I have gained invaluable experience whilst significantly developing my editorial, administrative, and research skills. Working with the Scripted team has been a dream; they are tremendously warm, welcoming, inspirational, dynamic, and driven. I am so looking forward to starting my new role as a Production Assistant with the Scripted team. Thank you so much for everything!"

Alexcia Cooke 
Scripted Internship

"Having the opportunity to work at Fulwell 73 as an intern has been a fantastic experience which has allowed me to work hands-on within a post production setting. I have been able to meet many hardworking industry professionals who have both led by example and helped to foster my career development. I have also had the opportunity to strengthen my knowledge of industry standard production software and familiarise myself with a dynamic post production workflow. I particularly enjoyed the support that Fulwell 73 provided for me in the form of a mentor and buddy. For those wanting to get experience working in production, Fulwell 73 offers a great internship programme."

Alfie Burgees
Post Production Internship
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