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James Corden Announced as Partner at Fulwell 73

Fulwell 73 are delighted to announce that James Corden has joined the company as fifth full partner. He will join existing Fulwell partners and founding members Gabe Turner, Ben Turner, Ben Winston and Leo Pearlman with immediate effect.

Formed in 2007, Fulwell 73 strive to continually push the boundaries of what an independent production company is expected to produce. Our recent projects include the recent Usain Bolt film, “I Am Bolt,” a cinematic sports documentary released globally by Universal, “Class of 92” starring David Beckham, also with Universal, BBC One’s “Mo Farah: Race of His Life”.

The working relationship between the Fulwell 73 partners and Corden stretches back almost 15 years, during which time they have worked on a multitude of projects together, including; James Corden's World Cup Live, Comic Relief’s ‘Smithy’ sketches, When James Met Robbie, When Corden Met Barlow, various One Direction projects (including the record breaking “This Is Us”), Samsung and Cadburys commercials, the recent Apple Music commercial featuring James Corden, Pharrell and Jimmy Iovine and of course the phenomenal “The Late Late Show with James Corden”. As well as opening an office in LA in July 2016, Fulwell 73 recently signed a development deal with CBS Television Studios, with whom they co-produce the Emmy Award winning “The Late Late Show with James Corden”. Fulwell 73 (in conjunction with CBS Television Studios) will also produce the new series “Carpool Karaoke” for Apple Music and “Drop the Mic” for TBS, based on the phenomenally popular “Late Late Show with James Corden” segments. Corden is set to host the 59th Annual Grammy Awards on February 12th in LA.

Leo Pearlman says; ‘Gabe, Ben, Ben and I formed this company nearly 10 years ago and have all worked incredibly hard to build a business we are proud of, a business that tries to do things a little differently to the rest of the industry. To date we've been fiercely protective of Fulwell and never really considered the interest that has come our way from potential partners and investors. And yet James joining as the fifth partner feels like the most natural and obvious step for all of us. He has been a good friend, key creative influence and talent we have turned to time and time again and the chance to formalise our relationship with him was a chance too good to pass up. We all believe Fulwell to be a far greater company with his involvement and look forward to many years of working with him in the future’

James Corden: ‘In many ways I've felt like an unofficial partner for many years, and now that it's official I feel incredibly proud to have joined this incredible company. In Gabe, Ben, Leo and Ben, I feel I'm working with the most vibrant, passionate, talented directors and producers I've ever met. Watching Fulwell 73 have such phenomenal growth over the past decade has been inspiring to watch. I feel lucky and proud to be part of it and I'm excited to see what we can achieve together.‘

Gabe Turner says: ‘James has shown the world what an incredible on screen talent he is for many years. But he is also, without question, one of the most creative and accomplished producers in the business. We are so delighted to have him as our partner at Fulwell’

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