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Urban Myths: Joan Rivers and Barbra Streisand 7th October 2020

Starring Katherine Ryan and Jessica Barden

Written & Directed by Sue Perkins

Series four of the International Emmy Award nominated comedy drama series, Urban Myths, returns 7th October at 10:00PM to Sky Arts, the UK’s only, and soon to be free for everyone, TV channel dedicated to arts, music and culture. The series features four brand new raucous episodes fictionalising some of the most peculiar stories to have ever leaked out of Hollywood, the music industry and the world of art and culture.

Fulwell 73 brings you Episode Two (Joan Rivers and Barbra Streisand) written and directed by Sue Perkins , Executive Produced by Benjamin Turner.

To be released on Sky, and NOW TV Entertainment pass customers on 7th October and Sky Arts on the 14th October at 10pm

Urban Myths: Joan Rivers and Barbra Streisand. Starring Katherine Ryan and Jessica Barden, this episode is based on Joan Rivers’ recollections of a play she starred in with Barbra Streisand. Streisand has remained tight-lipped about the whole experience. A sixteen-year-old Barbra Streisand (Barden), is in rehearsals for ‘Driftwood’, an off-Broadway play, when a woman, dressed head to toe in fur, bursts through the door. She’s Joan Molinsky, although the world will soon come to know her as Joan Rivers (Ryan). Joan is failing as a club comic and wants to turn her hand to more serious artistic pursuits. Unfortunately, the only part available is ‘Man in Black’, which Joan blithely demands is gender-swapped to ‘Woman in Black’. Joan hasn’t bothered to read the play, and therefore doesn’t realise that the ‘Woman in Black’ and Barbra’s character, Lorna, have a love scene together.

Other Stories in this series include Orson Welles’ plot to gain funding for his film, ‘F for Fake’; the moment when Jimi Hendrix saw George Frideric Handel’s ghost in his home where Handel lived 246 years earlier; and Les Dawson’s tale from his pursuit to be a serious novelist to becoming one of the most loved and adored comedians of his time.

Sky Arts, the UK’s only channel dedicated to arts and culture, will be made available to everyone on 17th September as it joins Freeview on channel number 11. The prominent channel position signals Sky Arts renewed ambition to bring more of the arts to more people as a free service. Sky Arts will also be available on Freesat on channel number 147.

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