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Urban Myths: When Joan Kissed Barbra (Sky Arts) Starring Katherine Ryan and Jessica Barden, this episode is based on Joan Rivers’ recollections of a play she starred in with Barbra Streisand. Streisand has remained tight-lipped about the whole experience.  A sixteen year old Barbra Streisand (Barden), is in rehearsals for ‘Driftwood’, an off Broadway play, when a woman, dressed head to toe in fur, bursts through the door. She’s Joan Molinsky, although the world will soon come to know her as Joan Rivers (Ryan). Joan is failing as a club comic and wants to turn her hand to more serious artistic pursuits. Unfortunately, the only part available is ‘Man in Black’, which Joan blithely demands is gender-swapped to ‘Woman in Black’. Joan hasn’t bothered to read the play and therefore doesn’t realise that the ‘Woman in Black’ and Barbra’s character, Lorna, have a love scene together. Written and Directed by Sue Perkins and produced by Fulwell 73. Ben Turner executive produces for Fulwell 73.

     *Craig Sugden Photography** Jessica
*Craig Sugden Photography*. Sue Perkins
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