Fulwell 73 won a raft of new scripted commissions in 2019 & 20, with shows set up at the BBC, CBS International, MRC, Amazon, TBS, Fox, WiiP, NBC, Showtime and the CW amongst others. Most recently, Fulwell 73 produced the CBS comedy series Happy Together, and a number of pilots for both CBS and Showtime. In December 2019, The Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special was the most-watched scripted programme of 2019 in Britain, amassing a total of 17 million viewers. It was in fact the most-watched British television comedy in 17 years. In line with this success, Fulwell are due to start shooting The Republic of Sarah (CW) in October, have recently announced a US remake of Moondial, written by Matt Lopez and a film and TV series with Nickelodeon, based on best-selling children’s book, Real Pigeons Fight Crime.


When it comes to scripted features Fulwell is well known in the UK indie market, having produced two-time National Film Award winner The Guvnors, amongst a slate of features. More recently they have moved into producing major studio movies and are in production on Cinderella (Sony/ Columbia) starring Camilla Cabello, Idina Menzel and Billy Porter. They have also recently announced The Dave Ayres Story with Disney+ and Newark Minute Men, written by John Niven and Nick Ball. 


A true indie, Fulwell 73 has built its reputation as a company with entrepreneurial creatives at its heart and superb relationships with writers, directors and on-screen talent. Its shows are quality, mainstream and accessible; stories with creative excellence and a FULWELL respect for the audience, at their core.





Fulwell is currently developing its slate and reputation as a leader in quality film output. Our forward-thinking approach to the total process of filmmaking looks to ensure stand-out productions and a healthy financial return on all of our upcoming releases. Our slate includes high concept horror, sporting and historical drama.